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Sony’s $15 million PSN hacking settlement pays out in free games

> July 23rd, 2014 ---

Way back in 2011, PlayStation Network services and websites went dark due to "an external intrusion." Anonymous claimed responsibility, names, passwords and possible payment information was lost in a data breach, and everybody in general had a bad time.

Firm says vulnerability in Tails contained in I2P component

> July 23rd, 2014 ---

A vulnerability broker published a video demonstrating one of several flaws it has found in the privacy-focused Tails operating system, which is used by those seeking to make their Web browser harder to trace.

Exodus Intelligence of Austin, Texas, said its short clip shows how the real IP address of a Tails user can be revealed using the flaw. The company said it hoped publicizing its findings would serve as a warning to users about putting "unconditional trust" in a software platform.


Mass exploit of WordPress plugin backdoors sites running Joomla, Magento, too

> July 23rd, 2014 ---

As many as 50,000 websites have been remotely commandeered by attackers exploiting a recently patched vulnerability in a popular plugin for the WordPress content management system, security researchers said Wednesday.

StubHub: Hackers Hijacked 1,000 Accounts

> July 23rd, 2014 ---

The Associated Press reports that hackers were able to access more than 1,000 StubHub accounts. The hackers were then able to use those accounts to buy tickets from the online reseller. The company claims its own security wasn’t actually compromised. Instead, cyber thieves got their hands on user info through other sites before entering using that same account info on StubHub.

Chinese city sealed off after man dies from bubonic plague

> July 23rd, 2014 ---

The Chinese city of Yumen in Gansu province in China was sealed off Tuesday for nine days (ending today) after a man died of bubonic plague,  South China Post reports, based on a report by China Central Television.

“Other reports said the 38-year-old victim had come across a dead marmot on July 13. He is said to have chopped it up to feed to his dog, but developed a fever the same day.

Twitter workforce diversity report: ‘We have a lot of work to do’

> July 23rd, 2014 ---

In the wake of the NSA revelations last year, anyone and everyone in tech started publishing transparency reports about data requests.

Now the thing to do is apparently reveal statistics about corporate diversity -- most of which have not panned out to be the greatest selling points.

Nevertheless, Twitter is the latest in big tech to share the ethnic and gender makeup of its workforce. Simply put, the San Francisco-headquartered business doesn't exactly stand out from the pack.

Man kicked off Southwest flight after tweeting about rude gate agent

> July 23rd, 2014 ---

Public relations aren't the strong point of most airlines, but Southwest took it to an entirely new level recently after a tense incident between a passenger and a rude Southwest gate agent -- which led to hostilities, thinly veiled threats, and forcibly deleted tweets.

Mozilla Firefox 31 Fixes Three Critical Vulnerabilities

> July 22nd, 2014 ---

On July 22, Mozilla officially released the stable version for Firefox 31 for all supported platforms, integrating 11 security fixes, three of them being marked as critical.

One of the major vulnerabilities corrected would allow exploitation of a WebGL crash with Cesium JavaScript library. Details about this glitch are not available at the moment, but Mozilla notes that it cannot be leveraged through email in the Thunderbird client because scripting is disabled.

Edward Snowden’s preferred OS has a major security flaw

> July 22nd, 2014 ---

Think you're safe from spies because you're using Tails, the same Linux distribution that Edward Snowden uses to remain anonymous?

Unfortunately, you'll still have to be on your guard. Security firm Exodus Intelligence has revealed that the latest version of the OS, 1.1, is vulnerable to attacks that could be used to unmask your identity. The researchers say they won't publish details of the exploit until there's a patch, but the Tails team will have to wait up to a week before it gets a report it can use to whip up an emergency fix.

Apple responds to allegations of iOS ‘backdoor’ from hacker conference

> July 22nd, 2014 ---

Information security has never been a more sensitive subject than it is these days, so it’s little surprise that allegations from a security researcher that iOS contains a ‘backdoor’ permitting access to users’ information provoked a strong response from Apple.