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Apple Pay rival CurrentC hit by hackers

> October 29th, 2014 ---

 One of Apple's competitors in the mobile payment space sent out an email Wednesday telling users it had been breached.

CurrentC, which is a mobile payment system backed by the Mercantile Exchange (MCX), sent out an email to its pilot users stating that an unauthorized third party had obtained email addresses of some of its users, the MCX confirmed to CNBC in an email statement.

Drupal warns of mass SQL injection website hacks

> October 29th, 2014 ---

The security team for Drupal project is warning users that websites running unpatched installations of version 7 of the popular open source content management system (CMS) may be compromised by automated attacks.

"You should proceed under the assumption that every Drupal 7 website was compromised unless updated or patched before Oct 15, 11pm UTC, that is 7 hours after the announcement," the security team said.

Microsoft releases anti-POODLE Fix It

> October 29th, 2014 ---

Microsoft has released a Fix It to disable the feature which was the subject of the POODLE attack. The Fix It, a program which implements changes in the registry, makes the process simpler than the alternatives.

POODLE is the name given to a vulnerability in SSL version 3.0 found earlier this month by a Google researcher. SSL was supplanted by TLS and the current version is 1.2, but systems may fall back to older versions if the server does not support the newer ones.

Redesigned Skype for Windows steps out of beta

> October 29th, 2014 ---

Skype for Windows desktop has shed the beta tag in its latest version and is now available for download.

Earlier in the month, Microsoft made a preview version of Skype for Windows and Mac OS X available, which introduced a new user interface similar to that seen on Skype's mobile apps, closely following Microsoft's modern design language while making it look a bit like MSN/Windows Live Messenger.

Microsoft cuts another 3,000 employees as part of its layoff of 18,000

> October 29th, 2014 ---

The cuts of approximately 3,000 employees today are believed to be largely support staff in human resources, finance, sales and marketing and IT. They are part of the 18,000 employees Microsoft officials said back in July that they'd be laying off over the course of a year.

Apple confirms it will never make a cheap iPhone

> October 29th, 2014 ---

Apple has confirmed that it will never make a cheap iPhone.

Speaking at Recode's Code/Mobile conference, Apple product marketing executive Greg Joswiak delivered the bad news that Apple has no intention of chasing the budget market to compete with low-cost Android devices, dismissing speculation that the firm might one day release an affordable iPhone.

Risk of nuclear Armageddon not affected by White House hack

> October 29th, 2014 ---

The White House is playing down reports that its computer system has been hacked.

"In the course of assessing recent threats, we identified activity of concern on the unclassified Executive Office of the President network," one source told The Washington Post.


WorldPay hacker sentenced to 11 years for role in $9.4M scheme

> October 27th, 2014 ---

An Estonian man, who helped hack payment processor RBS WorldPay in 2008, has now been sentenced to 11 years in prison for his involvement in the $9.4 million scheme.

In a Friday release, the FBI detailed the hacker's role in the racket.

Rogue Tor node wraps executables with malware

> October 27th, 2014 ---

Josh Pitts of Leviathan Security Group has uncovered a malicious Tor exit node in Russia. The node wraps Windows executable files inside a second, malicious Windows executable. The wrapping is only attempted on uncompressed Windows PE (Portable Executable) files.

‘Replay’ Attacks Spoof Chip Card Charges

> October 27th, 2014 ---

An odd new pattern of credit card fraud emanating from Brazil and targeting U.S. financial institutions could spell costly trouble for banks that are just beginning to issue customers more secure chip-based credit and debit cards.

Over the past week, at least three U.S. financial institutions reported receiving tens of thousands of dollars in fraudulent credit and debit card transactions coming from Brazil and hitting card accounts stolen in recent retail heists, principally cards compromised as part of the breach at Home Depot.