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California woman charged with using spyware to tap a police officer’s phone

> October 20th, 2014 ---

On Friday, a Monterey County woman was charged with wiretapping a police officer and possessing "illegal interception devices,” according to the Northern California District Attorney’s office. The District Attorney said that Kristin Nyunt, age 40, allegedly intercepted communications made by a police officer on his mobile phone.

Apple wants all iOS apps to use 64-bit code starting in February

> October 20th, 2014 ---

Apple has today notified developers about some upcoming rules regarding App Store submission, via its developer news portal. From 1st February 2015, newly-submitted apps and updates must be built against Apple’s iOS 8 SDK. This is not particularly surprising: Apple required similar adoption of the iOS 7 SDK last year.

HITB now out to hack the conference experience with new GSEC event

> October 19th, 2014 ---

L33tdawg: Mark your calendars! #HITB #GSEC is coming to Singapore in October 2015! Can't make it to SG? Come to Amsterdam! #HITB2015AMS (May 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th 2015) & #HITB #Haxpo (May 28th, 29th, 30th) @ Beurs van Berlage. Site opens at the end of Nov

Build A Better Bitcoin Wallet: Security Researcher Calls For Developers To Use Safer ECDSA Operations

> October 19th, 2014 ---

One of the biggest fears of Bitcoin users is that one day they will wake up and find their virtual currency wallet emptied, signaling that someone, somehow, has managed to uncover the user’s private key. A Bitcoin private key is a secret number that acts as a kind of identifying “ticket,” allowing coins from the corresponding wallet to be spent.

DarkMatter Secure Android May Run on Your Phone

> October 19th, 2014 ---

Do you want to use a secure smartphone, but not look like you're using a secure smartphone? A team of researchers are developing a version of Android called DarkMatter that could turn mainstream Android phones, such as the Galaxy S4 and the Nexus 5, into high-end security devices.

Roll your own Bitcoin client? Prepare to be raided

> October 19th, 2014 ---

The engineer behind the Heartbleed checker has created a tool to hunt down wallets from poorly secured transactions that leak private keys.

Filippo Valsorda released the Blockchainer tool to Github following a presentation at the Hack in the Box conference in Malaysia today.

#HITB2014KUL: Get advice of locksmiths for maximum protection

> October 19th, 2014 ---

Protecting any property is not just about getting quality locks but getting sound advice from a professional locksmith, advised non-profit organisation The Open Organisation for Lockpickers (TOOOL).

Babak Javadi, a founding member of TOOOL, said the market in the region was driven by demand for cheap locks, which resulted in products of low quality. He warned that one of the most popular lock brands in Malaysia could easily be opened by force with an Allen key.

The secure smartphone that won’t get you beaten with rubber hoses

> October 19th, 2014 ---

Interest in secure communications is at an all time high, with many concerned about spying by both governments and corporations. This concern has stimulated developments such as the Blackphone, a custom-designed handset running a forked version of Android that's built with security in mind.

5K display aside, Apple’s new iMac is barely changed from 2013′s desktop

> October 19th, 2014 ---

Except for the 14.7-million-pixel display of Apple's new 5K Retina iMac, the machine is virtually the same as last year's model and sports an identical do-it-yourself repair score, according to iFixit.

iFixit, known for its teardowns of consumer electronics devices, took apart a 5K Retina iMac last week to gauge its repairability.

Tor-based anonymizing router gets pulled from Kickstarter

> October 19th, 2014 ---

Kickstarter removed a fundraiser for a popular Tor-based router project on Friday afternoon.

The Anonabox, which was created by August Germar, of Chico, California, aimed to be an “open source embedded networking device designed specifically to run Tor.” Its fundraising goal was $7,500, and in five days, it raised $585,549 from nearly 9,000 backers—including three Ars editors.